Sunday, 8 June 2014



Choice is an individual responsibility. The choice one makes today will tell on one’s tomorrow either positively or negatively. Career choice is not an exception to the above fact. There are many careers a student can choose from as we have quite a number of them. The training for these careers differs which can be acquired through apprenticeship, and in technical colleges, skill acquisition centres, Monotechnics, Polytechnics, Colleges of Education, Innovation Enterprise Institutions and universities.
Being successful in a career requires the following:
v  Know the career – Knowledge of the career description, skill and training requirements and job prospects is very important. This book addresses that.
v  Have a career goal – This is the reason behind the pursuit of the career. It might be to uphold a family legacy, caring for the sick etc.
v  Focus –This involves giving attention and effort to the career and endeavor to avoid distractions.
v  Diligence – This is being careful and working hard to achieve the career.
R.A Anderson, an eHow contributing writer gave six factors which could be responsible for the choice of a career. Let us consider them.
v  PERSONALITY – According to him, one’s personality has a strong impact on career choice. For example, social persons are more likely to choose a career working with the public than a job where they will work alone most of the time.
v  EDUCATION – The amount or level of education one is willing to attain can influence one’s career choice.
v  FAMILY NEEDS – Career choices may be determined by family needs, such as a minimum income range, flexible schedule and need for job security.
v  JOB MARKET – Career choice may be influenced by the market (i.e. job opportunities). People tend to choose careers with strong prospects for growth.
v  VALUES AND GOALS – Values are beliefs about what is right and wrong and what is important in life. Goals are however what hoped to be achieved. These often influence career choice for instance, people may choose to pursue a career in teaching to make a difference in children’s lives, or in medicine, in order to cure a disease that has impacted their family.
v  TALENTS – Many people choose careers based on their talents and skills.

By reflecting on the above factors, you can be on your way to discovering the career to pursue in life.