Sunday, 22 June 2014


The choice of a vocation is an expression of personality” – Psychologist John L Holland.

Personality, according to Microsoft Encarta, is a deeply ingrained and relatively enduring pattern of thought, feeling and behavior. It is what is unique about a person that makes him/her different from others. The trio of thoughts, emotions and behaviors do not constitute personality as such but they are dispositions in a personality type.

There is no doubt that the pattern of a man’s thoughts, emotions/feelings and behaviors can be a deciding factor in his choice of career among other factors such as values, interest and abilities(talents).Free Personality Test
Link to Free Personality Test

There are different personality types among which are Holland codes or Holland Occupational themes developed by Psychologist John L Holland. The personalities are Realistic (doers), Investigative (thinkers), Artistic (creators), Social (helpers), Entertaining (persuaders), and Conventional (organizers) – RIASEC (According to the first letters of the personalities).
It is therefore pertinent that any person that want to choose a successful career know his/her personality type.